Frequently Asked Questions

+I received an email to sign my documents via E-signature, what is my Access Code and how do I sign?

Your Access Code will be the first letter of your last name followed by the last four of your social security number (Example:Z9999).

Select Style is the recommended signing option. This signing option will allow you to sign with a predetermined font. From the Select Style option, click Change Style to choose from the list of different signatures. Once the signature you wish to use is selected, click Adopt and Sign to apply the selected signature. After clicking Adopt and Sign your signature CANNOT be edited.

+What are my options for receiving account documents for Wealthscape?

You can receive your statements, tax documents, trade confirmations, and shareholder reports electronically or by U.S. mail. If you would like to receive these documents by U.S. mail there is a fee of $1 per account/per statement and $1 per trade confirmation. These fees are automatically deducted from your investment account.

Statements can be delivered free of charge via E-delivery. You can enroll in E-delivery when you login to Wealthscape Investor under the Service drop-down located in the green bar at the top right of your screen. Click on Document Delivery Instructions. Select each account associated with your User ID to set up the E-delivery options. Select Electronic Delivery for the documents you would like to receive electronically. Once you have selected your options, click Save This Account. If you have multiple accounts you will need to set up delivery on each account individually.

+When can I expect to be able to move money between my designated bank account and my newly established account with Anchor Wealth Management?

Typically, 10 business days from the time the account is established. Allowing 5 business days for your bank to authorize the link and another 5 days for back end processing on the custodian’s end.

+Does Anchor Wealth Management have an online portal for clients to access account information?

Yes! Click on the “Login” tab at the top of the screen and then choose the portal you would like to access.

American Funds – Login and click “Statements and Tax Forms” at the top of the page. You will then be able to download your most recent statement and available tax documents. You can also view past statements by clicking on the years located on the left-hand side.

Cambridge (Wealthscape) – Login and choose the account you would like to view under the accounts tab. Click Documents at the top of the page to see available statements. You also have the option to view tax documents for the referenced account. From this page you can view your positions, balances, activity, and your profile. To view available statements and tax documents click on documents.

The Compass (Data Aggregation and Comprehensive Financial Plan Access)- From the “Home” page you will see a list of your accounts and have the option to link additional outside held accounts like 401k’s or bank accounts; as well as liabilities. Using the Vault tab, you can share and upload items with Anchor Wealth such as tax returns, wills, or other sensitive information securely without the hassle of email, scanning, faxing or copying them.